Thunder Series

Ultimate Power for Your Practice

Thunder Series offers a really powerful device that can be provided with up to two wavelengths Alexandrite 755 nm and Nd:YAG 1064 nm, available in single sources or with the proprietary Mixed Technology.

Duetto MT EVO

Alexandrite & Nd:YAG Lasers Combined with Mixed Technology

Duetto MT EVO performs the largest range of hair reduction applications, as well as vascular and rejuvenation treatments. Due to the wavelength and pulse Mixed Technology, Duetto MT EVO allows operator to select single or double wavelength emissions, using simultaneous or sequential pulses that can be adjusted according to the patient’s needs.

Domino eVO

Powerful and Reliable Alexandrite Laser

Alexandrite @755 nm laser is a high power laser developed to effectively perform permanent hair reduction* and pigmented lesions removal. The wavelength of 755 nm, due to its high melanin absorption, is the most suitable for hair reduction especially for the skin types up to Fitzpatrick IV. The high fluence along with the big spot sizes (up to 20 mm) and the repetition rate allows the removal of hair follicles in any area of the human body. The optional skin cooling system can be internal or external (contact skin cooling or air skin cooling systems).

YouLaser MT

The New Reference Laser for Anti-Aging and Beyond

Quanta System is proud to introduce a new extremely innovative device for skin rejuvenation and scar treatment. Youlaser MT is the first and only laser that, due to the proprietary Mixed Technology, is able to combine the gold standards of CO2 10600 nm and GaAs 1540 nm wavelengths in a sequential or simultaneous fractional emission.
These two wavelengths emitted together maximize the advantages of each laser, improving the results in just one session. Aged skin with wrinkles and pigmentations, as well as skin presenting scars, are best treated by Mixed Technology to establish a positive synergy between the two lasers for advanced results with almost no down-time for patients.



The Next Generation Multi-Source Platform IPL – Laser Er:YAG – Laser DIODE

MTOne with IPL handpieces has three different configurations for the energy emission to perfectly fit the needs of all difficult treatment conditions such as thin hairs or dark skins. All pulse configurations has a special smooth shape for the delivery of “flat top” waves with no spikes for safer treatments also on dark skins.

Discovery Pico

The New Era of Tattoo and Pigmented Lesion Treatments

DISCOVERY PICO has an Nd:YAG double-wavelength laser source emitting at both 1064 nm and 532 nm, provided by the exclusive Quanta Pico-Boost Technology (patent pending). This feature makes possible to work in a Picosecond mode delivering up to 800 mJ of energy and up to 1.8 GW of power and also in Q-Switch and Photo-Thermal modes, thus making Discovery PICO the most powerful laser in its class.


Q-Switched Laser Platform Tailored to Your Needs

Q-Plus EVO Series is based on a powerful Q-Switched laser technology that ensures a great versatility in clinical applications. Q-Plus EVO Series includes different Q-Switched lasers which interact photo-acoustically with the tissues and IPL and Pulsed Lasers that act in a photo-thermal way. These exclusive combinations make this system unique and really capable of treating multi-color tattoos and benign pigmented lesions without using unefficient and consumables dye handpieces really common in other systems. It is also able of permanent hair reduction, vascular lesion removal and treatments of aged pigmented skin.

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