icoone LASER MED

The Science of Skin

The NEW icoone® LASER MED is the only device in the world that, thanks to the innovative patent Roboderm®, allows to treat different kind of skin blemishes through the Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation (M.M.A.S.), a deep and effective stimulation of the microvacuoles in the connective tissue, that guarantees visible results from the first session.

Adding the power of LASER and LED, icoone® LASER MED enables to deliver quicker and more focused results, supporting doctors’ work with a number of medical programs and specific treatments that ensure a perfect tissue mobilization in the underlying skin layers and stimulate even the smallest skin areas.

LED 650 nm

The 650 nm wavelength promotes cell renewal by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, and improves venous and lymphatic microcirculation. For post-surgery applications, it promotes tissue healing and better skin oxygenation, while reducing inflammation, swelling and pain.

LASER 915 nm

The 915 nm wavelength stimulates fat cells by activating their natural metabolism (lipolysis), thereby reducing cellulite, helping to tone and firm the body, and facilitating microcirculation, with a significant draining effect.


With its renewed design and 3.5” touch screen, this handpiece targets fat deposits in large areas of the body.



Microstimulations per minute


icoone is the only device to offer symmetrical stimulation, delivering doubly effective results in half the time through the use of two handpieces.


Microstimulations per minute

Robomini twins

These are the smallest motorised handpieces in the world, now also available in a twin version, especially designed to be used on small and difficult to reach areas.


Microstimulations per minute


A set of 6 micro handpieces purposely designed to reach small, sensitive areas with precision, for an even more personalised treatment.


Microstimulations per minute

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